Thursday, 27 August 2015

Public Service Broadcasting - The Other Side (Video)

Whereas Public Service Broadcasting’s debut album was formed of a collection of tracks with no conceptual link other than the band’s absorbing use of vocal samples, their second long player The Race For Space buried itself deep in concept album territory in a similar manner to their earlier EP The War Room. Compressing a number of stories concerning the American / Soviet contest to put men in space and on the moon, it's a truly wonderful listen and as we come to nearly ¾ of the way through the year we can say with some confidence that it will be featuring pretty high up on our Albums of 2015 list come December.

From it comes this video for our favourite song on the record. The Other Side just oozes atmosphere, with the mounting tension in Mission Control becoming the central force of the piece. Despite the professional and controlled delivery from the announcer, you can hear the joy in his voice as Apollo 8 re-establishes contact and the music perfectly matches that happiness as it gushes forward in celebratory style. Absolutely brilliant and surprisingly emotional.

Public Service Broadcasting - The Other Side (Video)

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Aurora - Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1) (Video)

The first time Breaking More Waves encountered Aurora things didn’t look good. 5 minutes before she was due to play, the stage was bare. Having heard her lavish electronic pop songs we were expecting keyboards, computers, electronic pads and lots of kit. It looked like it was going to be a no-show.

What happened next took us completely by surprise. 

Aurora arrived breathless and clearly a little flustered looking, together with a single guitarist. After the quickest of line checks this young woman, from Bergen, Norway began to sing. It was then, in a weird marquee that was part bar, part seated restaurant, part gig venue, that everything changed; as she performed you could see her concerns about her lateness fading from her body and her whole soul immersing herself in the song. And what a song. It was quite simply stunning. 

Anybody who knows us will tell you that being left speechless is not something that happens to us very often, if at all; but Aurora managed to steal every word from us with a set that was so moving, so full of adorable personality, so special, that the words for once had disappeared. It was one of those sets that washed away our 'seen it all before' cynicism of every ‘next big thing’ show that we attend. It made us feel alive and drenched us in love for music. It made every shitty pub gig on a rainy night in November with an audience of 20 people, most of whom couldn't give a shit about who was playing, worthwhile. It made us realise why we love this 'discovery' thing as much as we did when we started. It made us love Aurora.

Today Aurora has released an acoustic version of Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1). Watch it and maybe you’ll see her radiance too.

Aurora - Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1) 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Jerry Williams - Boy Oh Boy

Fun fact number 1: Jerry Williams debut EP was called A Hairdressers Called Sids. Breaking More Waves HQ is approximately 5 minutes’ walk from that very hairdressers.

Fun fact number 2: Jerry has now released her second EP. It's called Cold Beer, and whilst we were typing this post we were drinking exactly that. There’s some fantastic synchronicity going on here, we're sure you'll agree.

Let’s just hope, for our sake, that Jerry’s next release isn’t called Go And Shoot Yourself In The Head Whilst Standing Naked In The Middle Of A Motorway.

If you’re a regular reader you will of course have already seen the video for the disco-pop groover that is Cold Beer (here), which is doing very nicely, having picked up over 20,000 views on You Tube. Now we’re streaming another track from the EP. If you think you recognise Boy Oh Boy it may be because we’ve featured the song on the blog before, but in a more stripped back form from Jerry’s SBTV session. Now Boy Oh Boy gets the full band treatment, thankfully the tune and that confused teenage hook: ‘Boy oh boy oh boy, I hate you but I love you,” isn’t overwhelmed by the bigger production.

If you’re in the south coast area, Jerry’s launch party for the single takes place today (Sunday) at Tiger Tiger in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth from 5-8pm. It’s free entry, so there's really no excuse for not going. Drinking cold beer is of course optional, although it would seem almost rude not to considering the EP title wouldn’t it? Jerry also plays 2 sets at next weekend’s Victorious Festival on Southsea Common in Portsmouth (opening the main stage on the Saturday at 12 o'clock as well as a set on the Nevada Acoustic Stage). There’s also another Portsmouth Festival date in the diary on October 3rd when she plays the newly formed and rather fabulous new music, multi-venue, Dials Festival, (featuring the likes of Hooton Tennis Club, Kagoule, Black Honey and Chloe Black) which replaces the on hiatus Southsea Fest, early bird tickets for which can be found on this link here till the end of August. 

Jerry Williams - Boy Oh Boy

Friday, 21 August 2015

Grace Mitchell - Jitter

This is Jitter by Grace Mitchell.

It is one of those rare pop songs - one that doesn’t sound like it’s trying to be a hit by sounding like everything else. It’s a bit edgy, a bit 'need to hear it a couple of times to get it' (but once you get it you will really get it), a bit more than good. There’s even a part where she talks in French, which is always a brilliant thing.

Zane Lowe, ex Radio 1, now Beats 1 host, has already said of the song “This might be the song of the year so far. Honestly. Absolutely a new contender in the pop world make no mistake – Grace Mitchell just took a seat at the table and looked at everyone else and said ‘What?!’

Actually, we don’t think Zane has got this right. Jitter doesn’t sound like a song taking a seat. It sounds like a song throwing its shoes off, and possibly quite a few other clothes as well, and dancing in a deep, dark, sweaty club whilst outside the world ends. In fact, this pop song is so sharp and dangerous that it doesn’t even bother about apostrophe’s in the lyric video at 2.47 and 3.39.  

But Zane's right about being one of the songs of the year. Certainly one of the pop songs of the year. 

No s-l-o-w burn build up with this one either, it’s already out to buy on Grace’s Race Day EP. 

Grace Mitchell - Jitter