Thursday, 28 August 2014

Layla - Fight The Fire

Fight The Fire by emotional pop singer extraordinaire Layla is sadly not a tribute to uniformed men in Scania P270s with their flashing lights, big hoses and sirens or even a lesson on the fire triangle (oxygen, heat and fuel) and how by removing any one of those three elements you can not only fight the fire but extinguish it. Maybe that will come later. For now however we’ll settle for this -a gentle and soft song that deals with the flaming mess that love sometimes can be. “Loving you isn't easy,” coos Layla and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll go a little bit gooey inside. It’s the musical equivalent of one of those romantic chick flicks, best listened to on an unhurried Sunday morning with a cup of tea or coffee in hand, under a big cosy duvet.

Fight The Fire is taken from the Weightless EP and will be available to pre-order soon.

Layla - Fight The Fire

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Some New Kate Bush Songs (Well, sort of....)

You've got to admire Kate Bush - scheduling her first (and hugely over-subscribed / anticipated) gigs in nearly 35 years just at the time that two relatively new Breaking More Waves approved bands release cover versions of her songs to the internet. It's good to know that Kate is supporting new acts / music, although a little disapointing that she declined to mention these releases at the gig, although it's understandable, as she must have been a little nervous and maybe it slipped her mind.

The first is from Wyldest. It's one for fans of music that drips in lo-fi chiming guitar sounds, lost in the ether atmospherics and spliffy laid back vibes. 

The second is from Avec Sans. This one's all about lush synths and smooth vocals. It shouldn't work but it does and it's a free download as well.

So we have the yin and yang of Kate Bush covers. Although we're only giving Avec Sans 9/10 for timing compared to Wyldest who get 10/10 for their track, which was uploaded to Soundcloud at pretty much exactly the moment Kate walked out on stage whilst Avec Sans delayed till today. Wily moves by both bands though. To everyone going to the shows, have a great time, we're having to wait until nearly the end of it all for our turn, so we hope Kate has the energy to keep going.

Wyldest - Cloudbusting

Avec Sans - Running Up That Hill

Bastille - Oblivion (Slinger Remix)

Slinger’s twitter claims he’s a ‘Coconut Entrepreneur’ from the Virgin Islands, his Facebook states that his hometown is Caribou City a deserted ghost hamlet, his logo is a lightning bolt that looks like it should be on a superhero costume and his colourful website gives no information whatsoever. But we’ll forgive him for all of this because the clutch of remixes he’s put out up to today have all been class 1 bangers. Prince’s I Wanna Be Your Lover, Pharell’s Brand New and Jess Glynne have all been given his sexy dance floor treatments and now it’s time for Bastille to get the going over with a remix that kicks off as if its arrived from the Big Beat scene of the 90’s (Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Propellerheads etc) before heading into more cinematic territories managing to make this remix sound old-school but with a modern twist.

We'll be keeping an eye and ear out to see what this dude comes up with next.

Bastille - Oblivion (Slinger Remix)

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

James Vincent McMorrow - When I Leave

It’s been a long time since Mr James Vincent McMorrow featured on Breaking More Waves, but a few hours ago he posted the following words on his Facebook page and grabbed our attention:

“I've been recording when I can over the summer, on the floors of festival dressing rooms, in hotels, I've been waiting for everyone to fall asleep so I can track vocals in the back lounge of the bus. Making Post Tropical definitely lit a fire. There's no plan for any of it, I have an album in the world and it is rightfully taking up a lot of my energy, but I've plenty energy to go around, I'd like to start putting out some ideas while the ink is still wet, I want people to hear them, to know what they are when we play them live during the autumn Euro and US tours.

Disclaimer. They're not polished, nothing recorded on the road ever could be, a lot of time spent removing crazy back ground sounds from vocals etc. That's the point though I guess, snapshots.

When I was in college I'd go out a lot, but I wasn't the guy that was the centre of everyone's attention, I was usually standing awkwardly in the corner. But just because you're standing in the corner doesn't mean you don't love to dance. That's what this song is about I guess, dance like no one's watching.”

So there you have it. Possibly our laziest blog post ever with a straight cut and paste job, but it said what needed to be said.

When I Leave might only be a demo, but it’s a fascinating one, starting from a slow synth soundscape then journeying to a soulful beat laden high. We can imagine this being a perfect set closer – it’s free to download.

James Vincent McMorrow - When I Leave