Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jake Isaac - New Waves

Fans of George Ezra and Michael Kiwanuka - you’ll probably want to add singer-songwriter Jake Isaac to your list of must listens, for we’ve been mightily impressed by what we've heard and you may be as well.

For Isaac’s song Waiting Here ( a free download streaming below) is a fine and comforting piece of acoustic soul with a simple pop sensibility that has found a place in our heart with its gentle repeated guitar picking, light beats and its protective lyrics of ‘these arms are meant for you’. Then there’s the beefier organic stomp and bash of Long Road which has hints of gospel, rock and folk within its melee, or the gentle piano and guitar lullaby of You & I - a song that will have you sighing at its loveliness. You can find both these songs and more at his Soundcloud. What we have here is accomplished song writing with depth and variety all played by someone that oozes warmth and talent in their delivery. If you want more examples of that talent, take a look at the video below of his live version of Ellie Goulding's Anything Could Happen, where he forges ahead and transforms the song into something powerful with just an acoustic guitar and his voice.

It seems we’re not the only ones who are excited by this new artist either. Jake Isaac has already had the patronage of BBC Introducing and Communion Music and has supported the likes of Joan As Police Woman and Ella Eyre. So we’re certainly not the earliest to ‘discover’ him, but we hope that through this post a few more people may do so – for that in essence is what Breaking More Waves is all about.

Jake Isaac - Waiting Here

Jake Isaac - Anything Could Happen (Video)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Lüthian - New Waves

Although we love joyful energetic music that makes us dance and thrash our bodies around in abandon, there’s a side of us that loves to immerse ourselves in slow burning, melancholic sounds. The yin and yang; we simply can’t exist with each one playing off the other. It can be recordings of any genre, from the electronic Ambient Works albums by Aphex Twin, to the traditional folk of The Unthanks, to Mazzy Star, Portishead, Daughter or even the more down moments of Lana Del Rey. Sad music sometimes makes us feel comforted or even happy.

So here’s a fine example of that. We know absolutely nothing about Lüthian, a producer from Vancouver, Canada who came to us today by way of the highly prolific HillyDilly blog, probably our favourite blog for alerting us to lots of great downtempo electronica and ambient music.

Maybe it's the sound of the pouring rain, or the unhurried luscious female vocal, or the softening electronic pulses and beats that gets us, but whatever it is, this music sounds utterly melancholy and beautifully reassuring. It’s music for those late night come downs or those early bleary eyed coffee moments. Soak it up.

Lüthian - In Between

Pawws - Sugar

It’s funny how we’re told that technology speeds everything up and yet the music industry seems to operate at a speed that is slower than ever. Gone are the days when bands like The Beatles bashed out an album annually plus a bunch of singles that didn’t even feature on the LP and still managed to play a whole bundle of shows as well. These days patience is one of the must have characteristics of a music fan - the gaps between releases become increasingly longer.

Case in point is Pawws (real name Lucy Taylor) who we first wrote about when she put some demos online back in 2012, which we duly posted. She then released a couple of those songs in upgraded form last year as a single. In the meantime we’ve been twiddling our thumbs waiting for something truly new and fresh. Yesterday it finally arrived in the form of Sugar, the lead track of her forthcoming EP which will be released by Best Fit recordings on June 16th.

Sugar sounds like a long lost collage of sounds created by Kraftwerk or OMD, with twinkling pitter-patter crystalline droplets of synth, but rather than robots taking control the song is centred around something far softer, namely Lucy’s candy coated vocals. “Just pretend there is nothing wrong,” she sings. No need for us to pretend in the case of this tune. Our patience has been rewarded.

Pawws plays a poptastic showcase for Line of Best Fit next month at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton on a line up that also includes Breaking More Waves favourites Laurel and Emilie Nicolas as well as the rather good Tove Lo. Expect to find us there, if you're going we'll see you down the front.

Pawws - Sugar

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lykke Li - Gunshot

Ah the pain of love.  When you think of the number of songs that have been written about the hurt that it causes either through the longing for, the absence of or the pain afterwards it’s a wonder any of us ever want any sort of relationship whatsoever; but then if we didn’t what would our popstars and musicians write about and what would we relate to? We’re not sure that songs about cooking the evening meal, a day in the office or washing the laundry would have quite the same impact. Lykke Li certainly seems to thrive on these matters of the heart, here on the third track to be released from her forthcoming I Never Learn album. The queen of sadness sings of longing for love before the full on power-ballad chorus kicks in: “And the shot goes through my head and back, gun shot, I can’t take it back.” Big tune. The album about washing machines and ovens will have to wait a while yet we guess.

Lykke Li - Gunshot