Friday, 27 February 2015

Purity Ring - bodyache

The biggest difference to Another Eternity, the second Purity Ring record, from the first is that this time round Megan and Corin worked in the same room rather than by correspondence. Sonically however, little seems to have changed – there’s no ditching of electronics for guitars for example. Dropping  their trademark sound would have seemed odd at this stage in the band’s career though, a bit like splitting up with a perfectly great boyfriend or girlfriend just because you fancied a change.

And new song bodyache (yes, no capital letter) is the musical equivalent of that very good boyfriend or girlfriend – managing to combine the bands alt.pop alien cute oddness with a sound that nearly approaches the area of widescreen radio pop banger. Stream that below and listen to an advance stream of the album via NPR here.

Purity Ring - bodyache (Video)

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Blooms - Fall

According to Last Fm there are two acts called Blooms. One of them is a nu-metal band from Russia. The other is Louise Cunnane, a London based singer who performs unhurried sounding electronic pop songs that suggest what we imagine getting lost in Bensons for Beds or Dreams would sound like. 

Streaming below is a new track from one of those two acts. See if you can guess which one.

Clue: Fall (yes, in a timely manner following on from a track we posted yesterday called Madonna) is the sound of the small hours slowly sliding out from behind a smoky haze as the singer questions the nature of a relationship and if it’s time to leave. It’s a slow burner that (to continue that furniture store analogy) would definitely be a deep leather sofa that you could sink right back into if you were rummaging around in DFS or IKEA. Bigger clue – there are no heavy guitar riffs, there’s no shouting and nobody is singing “Давайте рок Россия.” 

This one's sophisticated, highly listenable and worth your time.

Blooms - Fall

Clare Maguire - Don't Mess Me Around (Video)

Amongst a sea of glittery dresses Clare Maguire pounces out with a new video for Don’t Mess Me Around, a raw soul r’n’b (and we mean r’n’b in the older sense of the 50’s and 60’s definition) belter that’s driven forward by the rhythmic backing vocals, bass, drums and of course the thing that grabbed us in the first place way back in 2009 when we first featured her on the blog - Clare’s remarkable voice. 

As far as we can tell Clare’s been through a bit of a topsy turvy time, but this song, with its back-in-command bluesy holler, finds her on full form. It reminds us of her earlier songs that came before her Light After Dark LP material. Don’t Mess Me Around would work particularly well in a low-slung ceiling small sweaty club with some serious audience arse shaking going on – let’s hope that Clare ventures out to the nation and gets punters doing just that soon.

Clare Maguire - Don't Mess Me Around (Video)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Black Honey - Madonna

You know how at school there was always a bunch of kids hanging round in the corner who were far cooler, far more knowing, wore all the best clothes, had the best haircuts and always won any playground fights? Black Honey’s new song Madonna is a bit like that. Ferocious twangs, filthy dirty snarling riffs and underneath it all a big smoking killer chorus show that this is a band not to be messed with and who know exactly what they’re doing. Having now seen them live three times (albeit two of those times was under their previous moniker) we can confirm that they are a rather thrilling experience in the flesh as well.

Black Honey is taking a rather novel idea to retailing their next single, which will include this song and another (Spinning Wheel) on CD. The first five copies will be available via bidding on eBay meaning that a lucky few punters outside of the UK will be able to get their mits on them. Let the bidding war commence. For those who like us here at Breaking More Waves are based in the UK you can pre-order the CD via text on 07578533359. We’re not quite sure how that is going to work, but we’ll be giving it a go ourselves. 

Black Honey - Madonna